This is just an idea, or an experiment.
If you are an educator using Twitter, you are more than welcome to join! (The only reason why this wiki is not fully public is to protect it from spammers who might destroy hours of work.)

What are you doing-Thinking?

Twitter is used for so many different things.
In the Edu-twitterverse, great ideas simply crop up. It all adds to our learning journeys. A kind of thinking lab emerges at times.

Some disadvantages/limitations/opportunities, though.
(OK. Let's say, facts)
a) As a global network, some members are asleep/busy when we know they would certainly want to add their two cents.

b) The conversation is never linear. It looks completely different to all of us. Scrolling back in Twitter or searching in your "with friends" page archive is messy.

c) Unless people transcribe the exchanges to their blogs, some gems will be lost.
There is a need to re-share.

How about cutting and pasting the most meaningful mini-exchanges? Or simply get a screen-shot of them (whatever is faster for you) and create a page here for those who can/want to discuss together. Or perhaps people want to use it as inspiration to write reflections in their own blogs when time permits. Please point us to those links!

d) As Ewan expressed a few days back, twitter can be exhausting. As my time zone is heading to bed other members of the edutwitter verse are just getting started. So getting eough sleep can be a problem.

Some advantages

a) I am constantly getting information about conferences, references, valuable edu-contacts. Twitter is simply an amazing source of information.

Some guiding thoughts for this wiki

-everyone gets a reference they can re-use in their own blogs or wikis. Every word or screen shot here is under Creative Commons.
-pages here can be examples of potential uses for teachers who are new to Twitter (or people who simply not get it -better show them!).
-re-reading this might help us to design educational uses of Twitter.

Once you create a page, Twitter it with @twitterverse or @all to let us know.

Ideas, thoughts? Much appreciated.