Edubloggers' Views on Twitter

These are blog posts from the edu-twitterverse. Most of them include great conversation in their comments! There you will find reflections on different aspects of Twitter such as:
  1. Struggling to 'get it'
  2. Loving Twitter
  3. Networking
  4. Collaborating
  5. Classroom uses

Posts are arranged in reverse chronological order.
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12/11/2007. Quick Thanks to the Twitter Crew by Bud Hunt.
"It's weird, and kind of wonderful, and something I never would have dreamed of two years ago..."
10/11/2007. How do I tweet thee? Let me count the ways... by Claudia Ceraso.
"The main advantage I've found from tweeting is reaching a deeper level of conversing and learning.
10/11/2007. Blogging is Pointless in Education by Darren Kuropatwa.
"All these people have become integral players in my ever growing community of professional practice."
9/11/2007. Twitter in the Classroom by Clarence Fischer
"...the 54 kids total we have involved in this collaboration are certainly enough to be a network."
9/11/2007. Best of the Web: My Most Useful Tools by Victoria Davis
"Twitter is like the backchannel of the blogosphere but not its replacement."
8/11/2007.Can I Hear You Now? by by Bob Sprankle
"...this is the "Dark Side" of Twitter that we don't talk about: you just simply can't follow everyone."
7/11/2007. Life on the Grid by Sharon Peters
"I am amazed at how twitter has become a tool for really fantastic professional networking and support."
6/11/2007. Edublogger- EduTwitter School of the Future by Stephanie Sandifer
"Imagine this twitter network really did start a school."
3/11/2007. Me and Justine on the Twitter Poster. by Alan Levine
"...if I did follow 500 people I would end up reading them all."


23/10/2007. Soapbox: Sue Waters and Friends Twitter by The Knowledge Tree
Podcast- Six edubloggers talk about how they use Twitter.
19/10/2007. Learning from the Kids by Will Richardson
" Now I know that Twitter isn’t necessarily the best manifestation of a learning network,..."
13/10/2007. Twitter is Important by Jennifer Jones
"Twitter is like having an office team available 24 hours a day".
12/10/2007. On Twitter by Miguel Guhlin
" Twitting allows me to learn new things, tapping into the flow of a worldwide conversation at will."
7/10/2007. Twitter and Blogger's Block by Graham Wegner
Using Twitter as blog posts.
4/10/2007. Are You Using Twitter Effectively for your Personal Learning? by Sue Waters
"Not only is Twitter totally shifting blogging into a new phase but it is also changing the nature of our conversations and is incredibly important for our personal learning."
3/10/2007. My Twitter School by Darren Draper
1/10/2007 Chris Brogan about Twitter by Vicky Davis
"The people who don't 'get' twitter need to add some great folks into their Twitter feed."


28/9/2007. What I learned from Twitter Today by Steve Dembo
"A day in the life of an educator who happens to be connected to a virtual teachers lounge..."
27/9/2007. 3 Scenarios for Using Twitter with your Students by Doug Belshaw
"This makes it ideal in an educational environment where teachers want to make themselves available, but not give out their contact details!"
26/9/2007. Dealing with TMI by Steve Hagardon
"So Twitter for me has been just one more list of things to read, and a new source of worry that I might "miss" something. So I just gave it up."
20/9/2007. Goodnight Eduverse by Steve Dembo
"I don't say goodnight to my friends. But I say goodnight to my personal learning network. What on earth is happening here?"
18/9/2007. The World is a'Twitter by David Warlick
On the use of TwitterCamp at conferences.


27/8/2007. Twitter, Microblogging and so on by George Siemens
"Twitter - a great tool for which my personality has limited use..."
24/8/2007. Twitter: an evaluation by Terry Freedman
A balanced post including good points, bad points and conclusions.
24/8/2007. Money, Meet Mouth: Announcing the Twitteracy Project by Damian Bariexca
"Twitter as a regular feature in one of my English classes this coming year." (See comments).
24/8/2007. It is what it is -Twitter by Jennifer Jones
"If those workshop attendees join Twitter and start posting and following the existing herd of ed tech folks, what will happen to the usefulness of it?"
22/8/2007. Two Hours in Twitter by Jennifer Jones
"I did not plan to spend my day absorbed in Twitter, but I just could not resist the pull!"
19/8/2007. Twitter Tweets for Higher Education by Alan A. Lew
"I found the following items related to Twitter and education."
16/8/2007. Twitter in the Classroom by Clarence Fisher
"But I've been reluctant for some reason to think of Twitter as being an educational tool."
8/8/2007. Promoting Twitteracy in the Classroom by Damian Bariexca
A list of possible uses.
7/8/2007. What will I use Twitter for? by Gardner Campbell
"Twitter also a very important conduit for collaboration and shared inquiry for me."
4/8/2007. Learning 2.0 by Sheryl Nusbaum Beach
"I threw the question to my Twitter community to see if they too struggled with the concept or term Learning 2.0. Here are their responses"


31/7/2007. What the Tweet? by Will Richardson
"So let me get this straight…you’re just letting people know what you’re doing when you do this?"
30/7/2007. "You're following him on Twitter? That's weird honey" by Darren Draper
"I'm convinced that Twitter is about community. Twitter is about people. Twitter is about the network."
30/7/2007. Twitter: another look by Karyn Romeis
"A while back, I posted on Twitter and how I didn't "get" it.(...) I began to see a few benefits and..."
16/7/2007. The Evolution of least for me by David Jakes
"With Twitter and Skype, I have access to immediacy. My aggregator and my network (18 people I follow, 80 who follow me) are more asynchronous, and not as immediate. I need both types of networks."
16/7/2007. Twitter Aladdin by Stephen Downes
"I don't see Twitter as being even remotely convenient to use..."
12/7/2007. Entry Strategy for New Team Member by Stephanie Sandifer
"I posted a message to the edublogger Twitter crowd asking for ideas."
8/7/2007. Twitter Me This by Will Richardson
"Those of you who are a Twittering, what are you doing less of now that you’re updating the moment and tracking what your friends are doing?"
4/7/2007. Twitter: Ephemeral Learning Tool by Darren Kuropatwa
" The power of twitter in the classroom lies in harnessing the instantaneous and ephemeral nature of the tool."
3/7/2007. Twitter in the Classroom? by David Warlick
"Twitter was the resounding hit of NECC, at least among the international gathering of edubloggers"
2/7/2007. Making a Case for Twitter beyond the Trivial by Christian Long
"What do you think about Twitter as an agent for learning now that you've had a few days to consider it from inside the hyper-update walls?"


28/6/2007. Twitter by George Siemens
"Twitter (and other tools) are interesting examples of hyperconnectivity".
28/6/2007. Twitter Me This: Brainstorming Potential Educational Uses for Twitter by Christopher Sessums
"Again, this is not to say these tasks cannot be done with existing tools/web resources, yet indulge me: I’m still in brainstorming mode."
27/6/2007. My Thoughts: Tuesday at NECC by Jeff Utecht
Potential classroom uses- Twittercamp
26/6/2007. Twitter Friends, Followers, Ratios by Alan Levine
"It seems there might be some behavior patterns there. Some generalizations..."
25/6/2007. Aunty Social by Alan Levine
" what point do you draw the line? Do you automatically reciprocate any offered friendship?"
25/6/2007. 21st Century (Mis)Communication by John Pederson
Using Twitter at NECC07. "Mind you, nobody in this tale has each other’s cell phone numbers."
14/6/2007. Twitter a different conversation by Jeff Utecht
"I understand that Twitter is not for everyone".


22/5/2007. Welcome to the Twitterverse by Graham Wegner
" friends list is a composite of my Bloglines account, mainly edubloggers ranging from the frequent, the local, the recent and the well-known "
2/5/2007. Twitter mediated co-presentation by Rob Wall
"I’ve blogged conferences in the past, but today I wanted to try Twittering the conference instead."
1/5/2007. Tweety Bird by Alan Levine
"The communication patterns and potential will become more obvious when creative minds put this tool to work. remember, technology by itself is of no intrinsic merit without the context and meaning we put into, around it, through it."


29/4/2007. This Twittering Life. An analysis of the hype (before we educate with it) by Claudia Ceraso
"Can this create a new conversation pulse, pace or rhythm?(...) Does it add a sense of togetherness in the loneliness of the blogger's posting time?"
9/4/2007. Twitter v. Jaiku, first impressions by Steve Dembo
"A few updates per day is perfect."
2/4/2007 On Twitter and Second Life by Steve Dembo
"I know some people would cringe to hear me put Second Life in the same category as Twitter, but it I feel both under “Really cool but I’m still not 100% sold on their educational value”.
29/4/2007. A Twittering Hypocrite by Darren Kuropatwa
"I started off "befriending" a number of people. Given my recent post about Friends, I guess this makes me a hypocrite."
28/4/2007. For your Next Plasma Screen Enabled Event by Alan Levine
" experience has always been- you cannot really talk about the game of ed tech as a spectator."
18/4/2007. Twitter Cycle by Alan Levine
"...twitter is something that only reveals its value in use, and it is not the first casual uses that make it sink in."


24/3/2007. Update on the Twitter Experiment by Wendy Wickham
"The other issue I am having with Twitter is that it is one more thing for me to keep up with. (...) I am having a hard enough time keeping up with my regular blog!"
19/3/2007. All A-Twitter by Bud Hunt
"I am torn about it's usefulness -- seems like both a handy way to keep track of people that you're interested in, but it also seems like a procrastination station. "
16/3/2007. Is Twitter TOO Good? by Kathy Sierra
Reflecting on continuous partial attention.
15/3/2007. Face-to-face Trumps Twitter, Blogs, Podcasts, Video... by Kathy Sierra
"The point is, face-to-face still matters."
10/3/2007. Can Twitter Save Lives? by Andy Carvin
"My gut tells me yes. Take this hypothetical situation."


15/2/2007. Using Twitter with your Students by Doug Belshaw
Twitter as homework reminder. "The advantage is that you don’t need to know the phone numbers of students to get messages onto their device..."




7/12/2006. The Asymptotic Twitter Curve by Kathy Sierra
"Until we stop seeing interruptions as something that happens TO us, and understand the role we play in causing them, we're in big trouble."