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Are you an educator who has just discovered Twitter? This wiki will help you get into the conversation. The links in the side bar will point you to the many ways Twitter is being used in the Edublogosphere.

Understanding Twitter

Jeff Utecht
Jeff Utecht

jutecht Great e-mail from our librarian who's trying to understand twitter. Don't understand it....just do it! 07:25 AM October 07, 2007 from web
For the uninitiated, Twitter can be confusing and rather overwhelming. To understand it, you will have to dip your fingers into the pool, use it for some time and draw your own conclusions.
Here are the posts from edubloggers who have been posting their reflections since 2006.


There are diverse ways of doing this on Twitter:
  1. One possible way of finding friends is to click on Find and Invitelink on your Twitter homepage and run a people search in Twitter for "education". You will obtain at least 360 people's profiles.
  2. Another way is to let another Twitter member 'introduce' you to their network.
  3. You can explore the contacts of another educator.
  4. Anyway, you will always have to choose your friends...
Steve Dembo
Steve Dembo

teach42 @algona81 The key is to look at other people's Twitter Streams (with friends) and then add people that seem to vibe with you. 06:14 AM October 05, 2007 from web in reply to algona81



susaneb found it on the sidebar under DIRECT MESSAGES 07:28 PM October 14, 2007 from web

susaneb how do I reply to my replies?????? can't find a way to send messages directy ....what am I missing folks????? 07:22 PM October 14, 2007 from web
Use the syntax @username to answer tweets. This will make them appear on the user's replies tab -only visible by the owner. A person will receive your tweets even if they are not following you. Twitter is a new tool. You cannot rely on getting all messages addressed to you. Remember to check your Replies tab from time to time!

Direct Messages (DM)


susaneb what about direct messaging???? is that worth my while friends?? 01:23 PM October 11, 2007 from web
Occasionally, you may send or receive Direct Messages. These are sent from your Twitter homepage clicking on the 'message' link. If you receive one, you will probably be notified in your email (from with the following signature:

follow me at /username
reply on the web at /directmessages/ create/username/
send me a direct message from your phone or IM: USERNAME your message here.
turn off these email notifications at: account/notifications

Twitter was not created to email people or to wake them up from sleep. Nudges are probably the least preferred option for people taking a break from micro-blogging.

Jen Wagner
Jen Wagner

JLWagner Enjoying Twitter Surfing from my Followers to yours and then to theirs!! Kinda fun!! 04:57 PM October 19, 2007 from web

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